Ttc after loss

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    well ladies, today is a whole new day. I am on CD3 now, if that is what you want to call it while getting over a miscarriage…but cd3 none the less. All I can do right now is go off of what seems to be ‘normal’ for me after all of my losses and assume that I will ovulate right on track as if nothing happened at all. I go for my HSG on cd9 and then I have the green light to start trying again 2 days after. I have decided to switch back to the positive side of the magnet now and I will draw all good things into me. This WILL be my month. I WILL get all of my answers as to why this happens and it WILL be fixed 🙂



    suzm…Nausea is a good sign. I have it too right now but don’t count mine as a symptom anymore cuz I have an ulcer and it can make me nauseous! Keep testing and you may have a double line pink surprise! I started testing this morning cuz I have a POAS addiction, I need therapy I think…I am 6dpo and got a BFN of course but knowing me…I’ll do another test this afternoon and then before bed LOL



    FD-WOOHOO, congrats to you!!! Stick little bean 🙂 Momma wants to hold you!!!! No need for me to test, yay, no wasting any tests! haha My temp has been going down the last 3 days and then today it’s even below the coverline. I love temping, sure does save you $$ on tests!!!! Hoping we have a lucky #3 this next cycle 🙂



    Good morning ladies. I took an ept digital test this morning and it was a bfn….so I guess the other one was either a false positive or myself and my two girls were seeing something we just wanted to see. Either way I’m pretty sad. Tonight is my birthday dinner with family and I am looking forward to that. Here’s to next month…..



    pryn4baby- FX for you:-) That pink streak may have been implantation, which would cause you to get a BFP later than originally expected….CaniacMom- Sorry for your loss((hugs)). I would test in a few days. My 1st m/c was at 5 weeks. I was testing BFP for almost a month, but I also bled/spotted for a month and never passed anything significant….paulinek- Good Luck on this cycle!!…Squirkels- Congrats♥ A line is a line!…kimkayb – You know the routine..giggity,giggity:-)….1dpo for me. 2 days early again. I was cramping on the left yesterday afternoon, it stopped last night, now today it’s on the right. Go figure,lol.



    Holly that is crazy. Keep me updated. Martin congrats.


    Wanted to ask a question my sister n law is ttcing also she had a lost3 around October of last year and her cycle has been screwy since then and then 5 mth ago AF left to never return she gaining weight and all the symptoms but no baby. Her OB give her prenatal to get AF going but I have never heard of that I thought BC was prescribed usually for hormonal balance I wish u had some answers for her but I am lost



    i suppose going on the length of your cycles you can roughly estimate and if you and dh were bd’ing every other day or at least every two days then you are in with a good chance. you have conceived before so you know there is no problems there and you are young so its basically only a matter of time 🙂



    CD13 here and the line on my opk is getting darker and i have ewcm so looks like o is immenient!!! we bd last night and i plan to get dh to do the same for the next few nights 🙂



    babydusted, i totally feel you. me personall i am a 28-35 day cycle and i dont know when to test. i would love to test on christmas morning i know it would be a long shot to be possitive but it would literally be a dream come true. if i am running a 28 day cycle i would be due for af on the 30th this month. so 5 days sooner! but miracles can happen. best of luck and i hope your af doesnt show and you get your bfp either before christmas or the new year!! baby dust your way



    well if thats your opinion, thats it hey! TALKING BOUT SELF ABSORBED: ‘How can ur son complain bout his wifes poor acne and how hormonal she is, like that is such a huge issue’….let me tell you something: The ladies on here would not mind all the acne in the world or ANY ACHE OR PAIN that comes with pregnancy, but if you want to talk bout self absorbed, dont you think your son was a bit????? BUT like i said – this is a TTC AFTER LOSS forum….even though we have lots of visits of ladies thats moved on in to the weeklies – they always have the sensitivity on what they say..



    shern…..that’s aweful all around. Speedy recovery so you can get back to TTC!!!



    Good luck to all the ladies taking part in the POAS party. Unfortunately it will be a bit too early for me to participate. Not overly hopeful that I will finally get my BFP this month – the way our schedules fell, we didn’t get the chance to BD on what were likely the most ideal days (although I didn’t use OPKs this month to track). On a happy note, the offer to buy our house was firmed up today. We will be building a new custom home this summer, so lots to look forward too. And I honestly think that the distractions with moving will relax me about TTC and hopefully help our chances of success.



    Thank you ladies so much. It really does mean a lot to me. Hayley- I’m sorry for your loss and I totally get the frustration with the profile thing. Mine still says pregnant too… Just haven’t had time to go on an actual computer to change it as I primarily use iap from my phone. I’m doing a little better… I think I didn’t have as muc time to let the bfp sink in this time so it felt like more of a period than mc. But just carrying on I guess.



    Dm sorry about Af and dh being away 4 long focus on being healthy

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