Ttc after loss

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    FINLAY- I know what you mean! After my D&C we had such a hard time not bding I did not think I could last. I hated it we waited 2 weeks though I was paranoid that I would mess with somthing so I just didn’t give in. Man I was so glad when that wait was over. DH was too!!



    AVERYS- I remember being told that I would/could spot off and on for up to a week, especially if I made love. So I would probably assume that myself. Do you try tracking ovulation at all? (I gave it up so I’m not a good reference) Just wondering. And as far as implantation, I would agree it’s too early, because you just had the scope a few days ago… and obviously you weren’t pg then. Hoping the best for you, and good news on the horizon!!! Love you muchly. CAN- awww, I love it. 🙂 you’re adorable. and the most thoughtful thing ever. EM- that’s good about the aspirin thing too. Depending on how this pregnancy goes, and what happens with the baby… I think we plan on trying some more empiric treatments in the future. like baby aspirin. maybe prednisone at ovulation too, from things I’ve read… definitely worth discussing *at length* with your doctor. so excited for Dec to come for you! BLESSED- I was told by my RE (who is apathetic about progesterone) as well as an RE friend of my dad’s in California (he speaks with us over the phone for 2nd opinions) not to stop taking progesterone until at least the day AF is due. But preferably the day after. Just because you never know. That’s what they told me, so it’s what I’ve done the last few months. So that’s my two cents to share. 🙂 I mean, I suppose if you started full out bleeding, you could go ahead and quit if you still got a bfn. But otherwise, my suggestion is to wait. Trust me, I know waiting sucks.


    Mammajess- I hope you and DH have a romantic time before he departs. AOTD- I’m with 2B…Valentine’s Day is very much a Hallmark holiday, but I will be helping with DD party at school that day. 2B- I honestly don’t know the answer, but know that many dr’s prescribe clomid to women with unexplained infertility. Maybe it gives you more robust eggs??? Have you asked if you shorter cycles may be causing your eggs not to fully mature? If you got preggo this month you would be due on Dani’s 40th B-day. Ariels- That stinks! Why do you have to wait so long until the next test? Danielle- Yep, that was sneaky. Please give updates when you can. Emma- It’s not written in stone that AF will be awful. For some women it’s not bad at all….hoping you are one of those. Mfarmer- Boo to the BFN. I’m sorry hun, but I still feel it will happen for you soon. ((hugs)) Michelle- Hope the next week flies by for you. Kim- Now a BFP would be a great reason to celebrate! 2B- Woot Woot…I’m in!!



    My gf who I have spoke about on here ( the one who lost her 2 yr old son and was doing IVF) worried something is wrong. Her symptoms have lessened and she said she doesn’t feel pregnant. I tried my best to tell her positive things but it was so hard not to be worried with her. I know that feeling of loss, worry and gut instinct. My heart is aching for her, she has been through so much seriously more than anyone I have ever met and she deserves this pregnancy so much! They are unable to try IVF again so if she losses this baby it;s their last shot and she wants so much to be a mom again. Please send loads and loads of baby dust to Oregon we really need it right now.


    All this bding talk I have to say my hormones are doing something crazy. Either they are wacky for o time or I dont know. Its 2:00am here and Hubs and I just finished our 3rd bd since the baby went to bed. Lol. Kudos to my Hubs for making it…2 times never happens much less 3!!!! I just cant keep my hands off him!!! Well I should hit the hay!! Night ladies….sweet dreams!


    Butterfly- doing a little better today. Spent the day with my Goddaughter’s, the oldest (Hazel) turned 4 Tuesday. The baby (Hannah) is 2 and teething. She must have felt terrible b/c she has never been a hold me baby and today she wouldn’t leave my lap. She just wrapped her legs around my waist and laid her cheek on my chest….I have always loved that baby cuddle position BEST! Hazel is the one that had all the trouble with the m/c so we haven’t told them yet, but she came over today and touched my belly and eyed me…she didn’t ask…but she was clearly thinking either you are hiding something from me or Uncle Jon has been washing your pants again! LOL!



    Christine~ so sorry for your loss. I also had a daughter born at 5 months. I gave birth 8/4 2010 and have been ttc for awhile now. Pm me if you need to talk!



    My prenatals have 50mg but I also take a 100mg tablet. I take extra folic acid also and just started at the end of the cycle before this last one, taking aspirin as well.



    MG- oh. I am so very sorry!! The pain is so hard, and the disappointment doesn’t go away. I have lost four babies at this point, and there is no devastation like it. No matter what the surrounding circumstances, it is horrible and devastating. I am just so sorry!! I wish you didn’t have to go through this heartache and sorrow. ((((hugs)))) please know that if you need comfort, encouragement, support, or girls to talk to who really ‘get it’ — hang out with us. bless you.



    Just baking some mince pies for the weekend. They don’t look pretty but taste good. Af just turned up so guess the bfn was real, couldn’t help hoping. 3BOYS great news on the bfp. RED sorry you are having a tough day. It’s hard.



    hey girls! I don’t have time to respond individually to everyone… because my parents just came over because I broke out in really aggressive hives all of a sudden and even though I took benadryl immediately my throat started to get thick and I started having trouble swallowing! so we got all bundled up and were getting in the car to head to the E.R. when suddenly I started feeling better – it had been about 20 minutes, and I think the benadryl was starting to work. so my dad grabbed his stuff (yay for my doctor daddy!!!), and drove over here. he brought shots and meds, should I need anything. thankfully, I am starting to feel more normal. although my entire body is still covered in horribly itchy welts. it’s the weirdest, strangest thing! anyway… thus, my busy evening and I don’t have tons of time. 🙂 but wanted to say THANK YOU for the help, encouragement, and excitement. the more reading we do, the more it looks like this is a real bfp. so hey, I am in total shock. I never *ever* thought we would conceive again before an AF. anything is possible, right? wow, a miracle indeed. thank you ladies for being there for me. I will update you on Thursday on this, I promise. ((((hugs))))



    Best present for me was just recently (as an adult haha) when DH surprised me with a 4ft statue of the Hindu Elephant God Ganesh. I love elephants and this was something I always wanted, but thought to expensive and not practical. I came home one day (2 days before Chrsitmas and he had picked it up and placed it in a little garden in the middle of our driveway. I was so surprised and happy, I started crying!



    SARA – Congrats on your BFP!!! 2ANGELS – I think most of us are so ready for a January BFP. MAMA – BFNs suck! Sorry you’re feeling down today.



    SHAN and RAEGAN- ((((hugs)))) so sorry!! I don’t even have words.



    MIN- I’m going to have to look into OPKs if this monh doesn’t work. I am not sure how it works, but I don’t think it can be that hard. I just didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. Maybe I’ll just be BDing every other day just to make sure! ha ha. That has to work right? Have a great day ladies!

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