Ttc after loss

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    Keeping my fingers crossed for you AZMOMMY! I see the doc Monday for my post D&C follow up. Think I’ll ask him to do a test then, just in case (not that I was trying) 😉 Hope everyone has a great weekend!


    Oh and I’m still bleeding… Ugh.



    Quiet day in here. CD6 for me and AF has left the building. DH was sooo happy to BD lol. No idea when I O, so I’m thinking I will start OPK around CD10. Hoping to read some BFP’s in here soon!



    lilpigz..Is that a frer you are using? I have a blog about the frer test…it is interesting. If you can see anything at all on a frer, even a white line…it very well could be….



    Carmen27 Well after loosing so many, I don’t get anything until 20weeks. I had been given a couple of things for Alice just before we lost her and that was hard to see them. So for me, not untill AT LEAST 20 weeks.



    lol i agree candila



    Fizzy – I cry over the silliest things too that men will never understand haha



    Yesterday I found myself wondering what week I ‘should’ be in. Since my loss (1 month, 1 day ago), I’ve not only known what week I should be in, but I knew what I should be experiencing (based on my last pregnancy). It was borderline neurotic. I think it’s huge progress that I had to stop and think (and look in my calendar) to see what week I would have been in.



    weber3 – call your doc if you need to. I am so sorry you have to go through the worrying. DMMarine- i normally have a 26 day cycle, after my first mc…af didn’t show for 34 days, the second time 24 days…I think it can vary.



    Hello ladies.. I have a question to ask yall. I had a D&C on Friday. Let me get to it. I was not trying to get pregnant seeing that I was on birth control when we concieved our angel baby. When I had my first appt. I kinda found out that the baby was not growing. In that moment I felt horrible. I didn’t think that I wanted another baby so soon. I wanted to at least wait another year or 2 seeing that we have a huge family (6) children, I wanted to make sure my son was outta diapers before I started again. My husband wants to have as many as the Good Lord Allows us. I guess what my question is… Am I wrong to even think about another baby so soon after our loss I was 8 weeks along. Or am I just going through through the emotions of our loss? I know that I sound all over the place. I just never thoght I wanted another baby soo much until I lost this Baby. Is this normal have yall been through this before? I know I don’t suppose to talk about this type of stuff on here. I just don’t have anybody to talk to about this. My family and so called friends all say that You already have 6!! Why do you want more? Or they will say It wasn’t meant to be, when you gonna get those tubes tied? Am I wrong for wanting another baby because I know a lot of women don’t even have 1. Do I sound selfish? Or am I just trying to replace the baby that I lost? Thanks for reading even if I don’t get any replies. I just needed to get that all out It was killing me inside.



    @ carmen I should is like scratching on the wound thats about to heal as for me my little boy should have been celebrating is one year today but here i am feeling so bad about my situation i pray to God to Make me pg again.



    Thank you CaniacMom and Babydusted. I have a lot to keep me busy this week. My anniversary (9 years!) is actually our due date and Father’s day this weekend. I’m hoping and praying for lots and lots of summer BFP’s!!



    @lisamom I wish I could say bfp, but after 1/2 an hour the test doesn’t count if it’s positive. I hope I’m wrong!!
    @Mishaan sorry you are so down, I hope you will get your heart’s desire soon.
    @Holly so hope you get good news this month, twins would be a double rainbow!!



    mommynwifey do you take vitamin B6?


    caniac i also had a slightly darker test line but still not as dark as control! Maybe i missed the surge i have very mild cramps on and off lol this whole checking cm is so crazy i have never really paid attention to anything up until now lol

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