Ttc after loss

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    lil.pigz-I really don’t know. I doubt it since I should start AF (well let’s hope I don’t now) on the 19th. That makes this CD22 of a 28 day cycle. I think I O’d on CD12/13 which makes this 10/11DPO I think. Honestly I was surprised to see a + this early. Just hope it sticks this time!


    Has anyone had implantation spotting with two pregnancies and then get pregnant without implantation spotting? AF’s due Friday and I’m thinking she’ll show up =( I know you don’t have to have implantation spotting to be pregnant and most don’t even had it, but I’be had it with both pregnancies so just seems like something my body does when I’m pregnant but haven’t yet. We’ll see, hope I am though. FX for the ones testing soon! STORMY – Hii, hope you get your BFP soon as well =)



    WEDWARD – I was definitely feeling some symptoms by then! I was dragging ass-tired for a whole week before I was able to test and got my BFP. OPERATION – could it be implantation cramping? With my first PG I literally thought I had food poisoning or something because they hurt so bad, then in a few hours they stopped.


    HOLLY: I have been away for a couple of days so I am trying to get caught up on everything that has happened. I am so sorry to read that your pregnancy is in your cervix. I can only imagine how devastated you are, and I will keep you in my prayers. I don’t know why these things happen to people who want so desperately to have children. xx


    Whatcouldbe…we missed you. 🙂 We BD’d last night after hubby decided to not let me ignore him…lol. I am still not in the mood…so I don’t know what is going on…usually I am always in the mood. Anyway. I guess I am supposed to O next weekend…it seems soooo far away. CD6….blah. this is going to be a LONG week. I guess we can BD every other day…make the time go by faster. 🙂



    sweetpea, I am very sorry for everything you have been through. I recently joined due to having an ectopic pregnancy in August and my right tube removed. 🙁 I feel like I lost 50% of my fertility in the blink of an eye… it only took us 2 months to conceive number 1. :/ I’m here for you if you need to talk and I hope you get a sticky and healthy BFP soon!



    Brandy, if I were you I’d be picking up some OPKs. I know you are disappointed to still be sitting at 8, but from what I’ve read you can ovulate before hitting zero. Lots of sticky baby dust to you, with any luck we’ll both be posting about BFPs before the end of the month! As for people complaining about overpopulation, you’re all right, they need to mind their own business. It’s a well known fact that a declining population is bad for the economy, and the ONLY reason the population here in Canada (as well as in the US) is growing is because of immigration. The birth rates here are nothing to be concerned about. DH and I have decided that we want to stick with 2 kids, but for those of you who want lots, as long as you can support them I say go for it!



    Oh not again AF visited me this morning before i did hpt so disappointed oh Gosh at this rate i don’t know but will see what happenes next



    neyermommy – my first af came just over 2 weeks after my m/c at 8 weeks pregnant. my cycles are totally messed up now though 🙁



    Jtm you could try mentioning to the admins that a section for men with pregnant wives would be nice



    @chelle wish you a speedy healing to the pain that is still so fresh and real. Hugs. And have a good summer.



    BabyO – I know on the IC’s, I can sometimes see a spot where the test line should be, but there’s no color. If you are seeing color, it could be a bfp! FX it gets darker!



    Hey ladies i have a question its just a day to Ovulation and i have cramps is that ok i feel so tired



    I’m having such a bad day. I think I caught whatever virus my DD had over the weekend. Feeling achy and have a headache. My department had an appreciation lunch for us today and a girl that is on maternity leave came and brought her baby girl. I couldn’t even look at her. I survived for about 30 minutes until the baby started to wimper. That’s when I had to quickly make an exit and have a cry. On the drive to one of my schools, my best friend calls me to let me know that my very, very immature 19 year old niece got engaged to her boyfriend of weeks. And tomorrow’s my due date. I feel like I’m living someone else’s life. I’m usually such a happy person with very little drama. Thank you for letting me vent. It makes me feel better to be able to let it out. I have such supportive friends, but it’s hard to talk to them since they don’t understand. Although they mean well, they usually end up saying something that’s somewhat offensive. Or I get the looks of pitty, which I hate. Again, thank you for letting me vent on and on!! I appreciate you all more than you know!



    Praying I would think 2-3 days. You have a pretty kick ass cycle though :). How’s the bleeding now?

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