Ttc after loss

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    EM — thinking of you and hoping today will be better than others. I think you have an EXTREMELY hard situation with hubby being gone. I will pray that your days go by fast and AF gets there soon! It takes us a long time to get pregnant too so I feel your pain on the anxiety of wondering each month after month after month and it never happening. It is very discouraging, but keep your head up & know that people who do not live close to you are thinking of you!


    Well, today in the mail I got a package from huggies with ‘Happy and Healthy Pregnancy – Almost There!! – Special Delivery Edition’ – just great!! And on my down day too….so sad…


    Okay guys — I just couldn’t stay away. My daddy is letting me borrow his computer. I took some senior pictures for a girl this morning here in Kentucky. My heart really wasn’t in it, but I was doing it as a favor for my parents. I totally haven’t been wanting to take pictures since Seth was stillborn. Hopefully that will want to come back. I really want a new digital camera, but the one I want is so expensive and we just bought a new van after 10 years so we are short on extra $ right now so I will save up. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I love being with my mom & dad, and my 2 sisters and their families! Fun!


    off the subject of TTC — I was making salsa at 12:30 a.m. last night (way too late I know), but I was putting peppers that my friends husband gave to me. I didn’t know what was what and they didn’t smell hot so I put this little weird shaped red pepper to my mouth. OMG — my toung and throat started tingling with pain it was so hot. It then moved to my lips, cheeks, nose, eyes, and chin. I was burning uncontrolably for about 1.5 hours. I put bread on my face, water, milk, sour cream, nothing was making it better. It finally just started feeling like a really bad sunburn instead of the pin pricks that it felt like. This morning I washed my hands with tons of different stuff and then up in my contacts and it burnt like crazy and I had to spend 10 minutes trying to get them out. Then in the shower – I spread it to my arms & legs. I totally feel like I have a really bad sunburn in certain places. Come to find out it is a habanero (or however you spell it). DUMB to put a pepper that you don’t know what it is to your mouth. I feel like I have heartburn today and I haven’t even eaten anything. WOW!


    Just read your comment on week 7 Butterfly – looks like some people don’t like being told off, lol


    DH has to get it. Army say so! I get it because I’ve had heart and kidney issues in the past and I have a huge exposure risk (ICU nurse). I am like RED, I have real difficulty with fevers. It shoots my heart rate up in the 140 anytime I get over 101. Hearts don’t work so well when asked to do it in double time! It is considered safe to take the flu shot when pregnant. As for weither or not you want to… That’s a personal choice. You have to look at your exposure risk and the consiquince for you personal if you get sick.



    Canadian, have a lovely time babysitting, and a wonderful girls’ movie night!♥



    YeeeHah – AF just landed in Jersey! At last things are going back to normal. Hope she plays nice then leaves for long while.



    I was gonna try to do them in the afternoon when i get home but with taking the dogs out and all that I tend to forget… plus i drink a lot of water during the day so i was worried that my urine would be too diluted. I took an opk one day (tuesday maybe) and never saw any line on it then… I’ve never been that assiduous about checking cm but i def get more of it around O, which i havent really noticed yet… so i just still have no idea whats going on. I’ll just keep on BDing! hey MAMAJESS! get plenty of BD in before he leaves and you should be good to go! Here’s to a birthday BFP to both of us! 🙂 I was gonna start testing early but now i think i may wait til my birthday (that will be CD29, or 1 if i start then) to test.



    Yay to the boxing hottie Canadian… passing notes in boxing class might be exciting lol And we are so close to being perfect cycle buddies! CD6 here! Woot Woot! Now get this hotties number and tell him you will be needing his services in December! LMAO then we can be BFP buddies again!!! Ah, the good ole days!


    AUTUMN — I am so sorry. Praying for you and your DH!


    RED – oh no sweetheart…..I am devastated for you…why, why, why…..I feel so sad for you…oh hun…I just want to run over and give you a great big hug, hold you in my arms, cry with you, take DS off your hands a bit…anything…..Thinking of you so much….Love xxxx



    EM- you 100% totally rock.



    SARA- I am having trouble with this site today too. annoying. but thanks for the love. even in your pain. and that means a lot. (((hugs)))


    I had some dates wrong in my blog, just shows how scattered my thoughts are. I really want to have another baby and give my daughte a sister or brother but I wonder if this is too much for me right now….

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