Ttc after loss

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    AOTD- Dh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles!! We prefer cinnamon or some sort of vanilla. And throughout Christmas and Thanksgiving, we do seasonal. We have vanilla pillar candles in the bedroom…hehe and almost always have a Bath and Body Works candle in the family room/kitchen area. I probly could have just dittoed* RED again….but she yelled at me last time 😉



    TTC – I wouldn’t worry about the temp dip today, it’s very slight and you wouldn’t typically see temps that always rise, or stay flat the whole time. A 0.1 temp difference is not a big deal. So no worries, things are looking good girl!



    KARES- I am so sorry for your loss. If you want support, hang out here with us – we’ve always got it in spades! (((hugs))) As for hormones, those are usually the first things a doctor tests for. I think I’ve read that besides chromosomal anomalies (which account for more than 50% of miscarriages, statistically), hormones are the next most common culprit. They’re easy tests too, just blood tests with quick results. I hope you find some answers. I had those tests done after my third m/c and all my hormones were fine, except I was hypothyroid (just barely) and borderline low progesterone. But since treating those, I’ve had two more m/c, and found those things weren’t my problem. But we are continuing to treat them anyway – they’re easy fixes, which is a blessing! I sincerely wish you nothing but the best, and hope you get some answers soon. (((hugs))) Good luck! MG- oh, thanks for asking about me. 🙂 I’m okay. DS is getting his two lower 2-year molars, and so he’s needing lots of tylenol… and we’re at my mom’s house hanging out today so that’s helping a little. Physically I am great (yay!), but emotionally I am struggling. Every little thing stresses me out, and I feel like I have zero control over anything anymore. So I am struggling to focus and cope. But I’m trying. Talking it out with my mom a little while ago helped calm me down. It’s just a process. Day by day. And I’ll get through. I am trying to walk by faith, not by sight – and it’s just hard, ya know?! 🙂 LEAN- oh man, night terrors are no fun. I don’t think my DS has those (just normal nightmares), but I had night terrors when I was little. My parents figured out how to help me through them for the couple of years (I think it was about two years) I had them. I am sorry you have to deal with that! Hopefully the phase won’t last long. (((hugs))) CLASSIC- I totally disagree that it only takes a couple days to recover. Emotionally it can take *months*, and physically it definitely takes *weeks* to be back to normal. Your hormones are wacky for a while, if nothing else. So be gentle with yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard. I think it’s great you can go back to work, just don’t overdo it. (((hugs))) Drink lots of water, eat healthy, get lots of sleep, and take tylenol if you feel gross at all. 2ANGELS- you are loved too. And we’ll be here for you tomorrow, you know that. (((hugs))) EM- what are you up to today??? Out and about???



    TTC where can I look at your chart? Im not on FF, but I’d like to see 🙂



    OH MY!!! I am so confused and I dont understand my body at all. I’m kinda a beginer on the whole ovulating and testing and all that fun stuff.Well,some of you know…that I was confused because I finally got AF last week since the D&C but it only lasted 1 day and that was just last Tuesday.Well….just out of curiosity,I took an OPK test strip.And sure enough there are 2 bright lines,which means I must be O. I’m supprised and very confused…….??????



    AMY- did they say why you can’t ttc until your numbers are zero?? I don’t understand. But I’m so sorry. (((hugs))) MIN- you’re awesome. 🙂 SILLY- do what Min said. Test again in two days if AF hasn’t shown yet. MG- I am feeling so much better now. My body has adjusted, so the headache and dizziness and fatigue is finally waning. Yay! Just in time to go to bed. lol. And do it again tomorrow! hehe. 😉 DANI- hope all your busyness is helping the days pass a little faster for you. You are missed when you’re not here. Speaking of not here…. CAN- did AF ever show??? How’s the week with Chocolate going? 🙂 GARCES- thanks, I will have fun with a movie! Don’t know what I will watch, but I will stream something girly from Netflix. Fun. 🙂 The nurse was supposed to come between 9 and 10 tomorrow, but she just called and left a message saying she might not show until noon. So I don’t know when to expect her now. 🙂 But whenever – it’ll be movie time. 🙂 Hope you surviving AF okay. Love to you!



    I wanted to give an update… As some of you know, I thought I was ovulating on Thursday because I had extra discharge (got a negative OPK) but we couldn’t try again because we were waiting for the hcg results.. well, the results were 3 so today we BD’d and then I took an OPK and I’m pretty sure it was positive. Plus I have some cramping on my left side. I totally thought we lost our chance this month to try but it looks like we are going to be trying sooner than we thought! 🙂
    AOTD: I’m in my pj’s right now but we went to a St. Patrick’s Day party tonight and I wore a green sweater, a green vest, jeans, green socks and brown shoes. I thought that was more fun to mention than just my comfy pj’s!



    about the headstand/gravity assistance lol the month my hubby and i conceived for our first time was actually the first time I had tried this method….i am now a firm believe that this works! After 10 months of trying elevating the hips worked!!!



    TTC sorry about the insurance thing… it is always a pain when things dont work the way they should! Have you taken another HPT?



    Averys= yes..we will be there til Tuesday!!



    RED – after my m/c they did an ultrasound and found a uterine polyp which *may* have been a cause for the m/c (they can’t say for sure, but it’s been known to happen). so now i have to go back in a week so a sonohysterogram can be done so they can get a better look at the polyp. typically they do a d&c to remove them but i’m going to fight that one if she recommends it..i might go insane if i have to way for AF AGAIN. that’s the old *old-fashioned* way to do it…the other newer way is to go in with a scope and small scissors and snip it off. that can be done in the office…so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that’s all i have to do.


    SARAH5 – welcome hun…I am so very sorry for your loss. You have found an amazing bunch of girls – I would have never made it through the last year without them. Hugs xox


    KARI – Thinking of you today. Let me know how it goes 🙂



    So is anyone else on or around CD2? OKY- I will not talk you out of POAS! I will encourage you just like you encouraged me. 🙂 I am feeling a little better today. I am still upset and until I get pg again I know I won’t have anything to be excited about. Its just so hard to be happy about anything. The only one that can really make me smile and make me happy is my wonderful son. I thank God every day for him. But I am optimistic about this month. I actually have a very good feeling about it. This month is the month I lost my first baby 2 years ago and the same month I conceived my son. So I guess if I get pg this month its on for another february baby.

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