Ttc after loss

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    Sinna – yay another cup user. Fingers crossed we all get BFP’s for christmas from the cup. Would make a funny story to tell our offspring when they are grown up..that we used a cup to get pregnant..haha.


    Question- I’m going to buy a digital OPK for this month bc our first time using clomid. What should I get? Good brands to buy & how many?? Last month I used the double line opk & I got a + on CD16, CD17, CD18. But if I use clomid CD5-CD10 could my O come earlier?? When should I start testing and for how long?? THANKS!! 🙂



    Allison- I have no clue about the cd21 tests or clomid,lol. I couldn’t think of any gift I have received that is memorable except for the bad ones haha! I also couldn’t think of one favorite song either, I am glad you made it through the reading without any sweaty palms or nervous gas. lol -that reminds me of caz, haha good to see you in here caz ; ) Elli- I am sorry you are going through another loss, it is awfull that it is happening again, I am so sorry. sinn- I am sorry you are in a dark sad place right now, I hope you can see a little brightness soon.((HUGS)) red- I love thumb suckers! mine are too. Thanks for the recommendation on the camera, I think I have that one on my short list but it ends with a 7? IDK soo confusing! I also love the great Christmas present your now DH gave you, what an amazing love story! neenee- That is a really cute idea hanging the dummy/pacifier/binkie/num-nar lol. kel- I am glad but sorry you are joining us. You are definately in the right place for support and encouragement, and for advice and hugs as well when needed. I hope to get to know you too. daydreamer- Your DH sounds really sweet and supportive, I hope the clomid works for you , maybe you are just lucky to have no side effects and it is exactly what you need to get PG. I hope so! baby beiler- I completely understand your trepidition, I hope you will feel better soon. plantlvr- I know the intense fluctuations of emotion you are going through, yes some of it is hormonal, but it is also part of the grieving process too, give yourself a break when you need it and don’t feel like you need to compare your loss to others here, we are all enduring the pain and suffering of losing our babies together and in our own individual ways also. p123- I am soo sorry! I hope you can find answers soon, and solutions to help you so you never lose another precious baby again! I am sorry for all of your losses, it just makes me sick and so sad. : ( res- What you are going through sounds aweful! I hope you can get some relief soon and still be able to take advantage of the medication. I hope everyone else is hanging in there in whatever part of the wait you are in!


    @red My miscarriages were not all back to back. I had: miscarriage/baby(Briana she passed away from SIDS)/Miscarriage/Miscarriage/Baby(my son William who is 6)/Miscarriage/Baby(my daughter Nevaeh who is 3)/Miscarriage(11.29.10) So which makes it harder for me to get them to look into it. I have only once had two back to back miscarriages. Although I was able to get one tested and the said it was chromosome abnormality. I really would like to know what is going on. I think maybe Ill try one more time and if it dont workout ill get it looked into. But if it does IM DONE unless God sees other wise! I will be happy to have 3 living children!


    Baby-b- LOL at obsessed hyper wiper! I know it’s not really fun to deal with the wait though. Plantlvr- My dh bought a huge box of condoms after the m/c. I was like hey ‘we only have to prevent a couple of months’, and ‘You know those things have an expiration date, don’t you?’ Guess he was being optomistic. Mfarmer- Well, you don’t hear women complain about needing a larger condom size very often. hahaha


    Haven’t seen that one in a while – hard to remember. That would be so awesome to surprise him like that!



    ccurran15~That would be annoying. My hubby has a tapeworm I guess. He’ll get up at like 2am and have a bowl of cereal or something. And, everytime he does this he turns on the overhead kitchen light….which then lights up the whole house practically, including the hall leading to our bedrooms. I’ve asked him nicely to just turn on the little light above the stove but do you think that he does, ugh, that would be a big NO!



    NURSE-Are you taking the picture w/ a camera or your phone? If camera sometimes the macro setting helps. I know it can be frustrating for sure.



    Kim – have u been yet??? GL xx



    This is weird…so this being my first non-clomid cycle I have really been noticing some differences. First of all, I took a regular babyhopes opk and saw a positive yesterday morning. Just to make extra sure, I dipped into my digital stash (much easier to read) and that was positive as well. Then last night I tested one more time (I know, I’m addicted) and it was still positive. This morning, it’s back to negative. On a Clomid cycle, I usually get a positive for three days, CD19, 20, 21, and sometimes 22. So with this cycle, I got a positive on CD 16, and that’s it. Do you think this is normal?? Also, my O pains are not nearly as bad as they were on Clomid. My temps are still low, so I guess tomorrow will be very telling. Hmmmm….trying not to read too much into it!



    1stmr.bean ~ I don’t think so. I am still waiting for my HCG level to drop to 0 from my miscarriage I just had on the 8th. I am so confused.



    ALEX…Yee-Haw *HUGS* how fantastic! Stay positive and enjoy every moment of this pregnancy! 🙂 OLDER…I do believe, and maybe I am wrong, but the ‘Instead cup’ would be used to trap the spermies inside, so that they don’t come dribbling out…that is what I would assume it is for anyways.



    Thx ladies. Boo to AF and cramps from hell!



    Today I am 21 dpo. I was 17 dpo when I got the faint ‘+’. I was 14 dpo when I started feeling pregnant. But my cycle has been off since I lost the last pregnancy in April. First it was 28 days then 32 days after the bleeding stopped from the m/c. So I’m not sure exactly when I ovulated. I wasn’t keeping track, we decided to not ‘try’ anymore. I took a test last month when my AF was two days late but it was ‘-‘ and the next day AF came and lasted 2 days. Weird.



    Hi Ladies…I just got my blood work back at work and my level went from 92 on monday to 217 today!!! I am doubling every 37 hours!!! Quadrupling every 72 hours! Baby may have started all slow at 12, then 17 then 24….not anymore!!!! I have another Dr app tomorrow for more blood work.

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