Ttc after loss

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    The comment box is here at last!!! Now the comment box of the polls section is all mixed up no more polls!!!! Any way cd 10 here and at last we started the bding hope we are not late. 30 more days to go!!! 🙁



    NOTE: Messed up on my username, (I was sweetpea45…)



    Sooooo agree with u Caniac – here in SA the immagration (nt even talking bout ILLEGAL immagrints is the main cause. Me and DH also just sticking to 2 – but we both young so who knows – but the decision for only 2 was made upon financial circumstances. I would of only sticked to 1 but when my mom(age 43) and grandpa passed away and my aunt (so my angel baby that I lost has loads of love up in heaven) I know what comfort my younger bro and sis gave me during these losses (comfort like no other family could) so I def want my DS to have a sibling :)) just my opinion xxx but if I could of afforded it I’d have a string, DH too – his portugese, so they use to HUGE families. Hope u all have a stunning day xxx



    aw so sorry mishaan 🙁 hopefully next cycle will be your urn! will you track ovulation this time? like with opk’s or something?



    @fizzy start the bd, don’t need no talking. My dh wasn’t into bd this month on my fertile day but after saying no, absolutely no I was able to win. Do whatever works. If you take bbt and use opk you can know more certain when your fertile days are so you won’t need to bug him so much.



    good luck abbyh! I’m crossing my fingers for you.



    – question for u ladies- I’m cd3 currently. It took 30 days for af to show after the d&c. My cycles before the mc were 24 days, so I would ovulate around cd12- or so. Dh is in the marines- and scheduled to leave for a training op. the week of ovulation-going by the 24 day cycle- if by 30- then the following Monday. Any advice? Btw the clomid is making me want to claw my insides out. Lol not really.



    THANK YOU LADIES 😀 SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! I’m happy but sad… :/ I just want us all to get BFPS this month! Every single lady here deserves it! I’m not sure if I should wait to contact the doctor until weeks out :/ guess im scared ill miscarry again.. *sigh* BUT I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU LADIES!!! <33 I feel bad I got the POAS party mixed up thinking it was today 🙁 thought it got changed to the 27! But good luck to all who are testing tomorrow! BABY DUST!!!!!!!! I'm thinking of all of you and praying 🙂 LOVE<33333


    Hi ladies!!! So u all know that i had a miscarriage and had a dnc on April 5th, well I still havent seen af, well over the last 3 weeks i have taken several pregnancy test and all negative, so anyway i have been really moody and i decided to go get one more and it was positive, i am excited and this week i also have a doctors appt on Thursday so i will let u all know how it goes



    Wow talk about crazy mind games…. For so long you desire seeing a positive hpt that your eyes almost play tricks on you… If only that line would appear! Then you m/c and your taking hpt just to wait and watch for a negative result… All the while your mind flashes you back to when you were thrilled to see the second line… Women truly are amazingly strong!! 3weeks after m/c im still getting VERY positive results… @jen… Very sorry, truly understandable, for your hurts… Seeing pregnant ladies makes me sad… Ive never even thought about such things before but now… I seem to be sensitive to it.


    Weber3 Thanks…Twins would be a great double rainbow…I just pray I don’t have them…lol I have 3 kids already and just want 1 more…I am still feeling the twinges on both sides…but I know I O’d already. My cm is watery now. I am excited to see what happens.



    Preciousbaby – I am so glad you are feeling hopeful! And of course loads of coffee and soda can’t be good for anyone but I want to mention that the studies that found a link between caffeine and miscarriage did not control for morning sickness, as in they just asked women ‘do you drink coffee and how much’ and then found a correlation between those who wound up having a miscarriage and had answered yes to that question. When they added in a control for morning sickness they found the caffeine was not a causal factor, but rather getting nauseous and not wanting coffee was a good sign that the pregnancy was going well. I did a lot of research into this after my two losses because I am a complete coffee addict and I was worried I had brought it on or was making it harder for myself to conceive! Most current studies show that under 200mg of caffeine a day is completely fine (a drip cup of coffee is about 150 mg, and a shot of espresso is 75 mg) That being said, whatever makes you feel good and whatever you feel will help is definitely what you should do so please don’t feel I am arguing or anything like that, just want to share what I learned for those who are concerned about giving up their morning cup. Again, so glad you are feeling optimistic and best of luck to you with everything!!!


    Tencow, i am sorry im sure clomid is a goood option i have seen many positive stories from it, its better to buy if not covered by insurance the clomid then aying so much for other solutions, i know it might be hard but we are here for u and never lose hope Xxx



    Aloha I’ve never charted, but I’ve heard a lot about people using Fertility Friend. And if you have a smart phone, they have a FF app as well.



    My AFish visitor has left as well and last night we bd and I had a very strong pain in my right ovary after. I told bf we won’t be trying to bd for awhile! NIKKI: my first tech told me nothing when there was no heart beat, since I had never got that far I didn’t really know what was normal during a scan, I didn’t know what to expect looking back I wish I would have asked more questions. All he said that scan was well I would put you back a week. He didn’t say because the baby stopped growing. This last time I asked tons of questions so it was hard for him to dodge them I went in with spotting and he just said if your dates are right then I am not seeing what I would hope to, but only after I asked if there was a heartbeat. Then he said but you just could be off we are still early. So I then had 2 more scans the second one was I am not sure what I am seeing I need the radiologist to look then the last one was after I m/c and I asked if there was tissue left and she said I can’t say. I have realized if it’s bad news they will most likely become quiet, when it’s a normal scan they tell you here’s this and that and a heartbeat if it’s bad there is really no talking at all. But that’s just been my experience.

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