Ttc after loss

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    LADIES-please pray for my safety when I leave work tonight at 11:30. I had to drive in all the blizzards last year and it always took me about 3 to 3.5 hours to get home! The drive is normally about 45 minutes but in the snow….it’s horrible!!! On another note…I am on cd3 and I haven’t even called my fertility Dr cuz I just don’t feel like doing IUI again. Even though we did it only once…I am just tired of this crap. 24 months???? That has got to be the lucky month, right????? Should have started all this fertility stuff over a year and a half ago!



    Well snow has hit my town and for a town that never gets enough to stick it seems to have shut down the city. This week will be a good week to bundle up and bd this will be pointless bding but hey practice makes perfect!



    RED- I am so sorry to hear your sad news. It’s truly heartbreaking. Are there any other docs that you can see to try to come up with additional treatments?



    ***Welcome adrienne!!! I am sorry to hear about your loss…but I want you to know that you have just found the best support group ever!!



    Here’s an interesting website to check out on getting pregnant after m/c… It’s a plan to increase the chance of a BFP. Had to pass it on… Good luck!



    SHEE- so what I’m wondering, is there anything fertility docs can do to help prevent losses? I mean, I seem to get pregnant easy enough but it’s holding the baby that’s hard for my body I guess. I don’t know what your case is. so I’m curious; and when you get answers, share! 🙂 I hope you’re extremely successful. and I hope you get your answers soon! ((hugs))



    Fruitful- i’m not sure right now DH and i talked about it and he doesn’t want to give up but i’m not sure if to wait the 3 months or not i can’t wait for my menstral cause it doesn’t come every month. i’ve read alot of ladies have tried right away but my ob adviced me to wait 3 to 6 months. i guess i’ll just play it by the ear lol…i have a question how long does it take for you to stop bleeding/spotting after a MC? i’ve heard of those Fertilaid, does it help you get your cycle at least once a month?



    Yay EM…thats a nice return!! Doppler time!! Hey Obs make sure AF has her Nose against the wall that naughty girl. AUSSIE: anything can happen…I wanted to TTC before my first cycle…but after I thought about it …and read other ladies posts I decided to wait…I wanted to be sure the wall & my emotions were strong enough. I am in my 3rd cycle now and wish every month that a BFP will appear. Fingers crossed!

    PINK: as the other ladies said everyone is different….personally I had my MC on Oct 25 and bleed for about 4-5wks….I didnt get AF until DEC 8…so I was a wreck…I didnt have a clue what was going on in there and I didnt like it….so everyone is different…hopefully you will be back to normal quicker than I was….wish you well on your healing….



    man I am soo outa the loop! been soo busy this week! and still going so I apologise if i seem like I am ignoring you all! Af is here in full force and I am off to the doc’s today for decisive action against my luteal phase. hope everyone is well and I promise i’ll be normal (as normal as possible) soon!! have yummy delicious days!



    ourlittle hogi, I love that oak tree comparission. It made me well up a lttle.
    So ladies, I have a ?. Please don’t read if you find it too icky.
    Yesterday, I thought my period had finaly arrived. But it isn’t blood, it’slike the brown stuff that I get at the end of every period (sorry if tmi). This morning, still no blood. I don’t feel ill, or feverish so I am fairly sure it’s no infection. Any thoughts?



    Hello Ladies! I have missed you so but DH and I are having a wonderful time with the Family in Scotland. DH is actually convinced that when his time in the Navy is through that we will be moving some where near here… not sure if we will actually live in Leven or not but probably close! I still have AF but is it super light…. I almost feel like it is a waste of a tampon! Andway I miss you all and I will try to check this later… We will be in Spain on Wednesday and then home hopefully around the 4th or so. I miss my puppies! But I know it will be very hard to leave Scotland!



    Hi Ladies – we’ll I’m new here….ourlittlehogi mentioned this page (THANKS HOGI)….so I’ll start off by telling you my story. Thankfully, I had a very uneventful and healthy pregnancy which resulted in a healthy little boy – he’s 16 months now. Due to my age, we decided to try as soon as possible for baby#2 in March of 08. Well, after months of tracking my ovulation I discovered I was a chronic late ovulater 🙂 So, my doc put me on Clomid for two months and then realized I had a baseball sized cyst on one of my ovaries…so we had to take a break. Well, lo and behold I found out I was pregnant in December without having to be on clomid. About three days after I tested (which was two days before my period was to start), I started bleeding. So, I had a chemical pregnancy. So, after that, we decided to jump back on and try again. Well, again my ovulation was off…by about a week. In March, I had ovulated on day 20 & called my doc to see if we could be proactive and do anything for the following month. Well, they decided to put me on progesterone supplements…just in case I was pregnant…and surprisingly I was. I was really nervous about this one…worried of course about miscarriage due to the late ovulation (old egg) and just in general worry worry worry! Isn’t that what we do best ladies! Anyway, we went in at 6 weeks, found a heartbeat – slow but there. The doc seemed encouraged by what he saw and wanted me back after a couple of weeks to check the heartbeat again. Well, yesterday was our big day and what a sad day it turned out to be. My DH and DS came to the appt. too in hopes of seeing a next little addition to the family. This of course leads me to why I am here. No heartbeat and it appears the baby stopped growing about a week ago. So, here I sit totally devastated that now, after two (and actually three m/c – many years before my son was born) miscarriages, I sit and wait for my body to actually expel the baby. If my body doesn’t, I will have to go in for a D&C or something my doctor mentioned – an anti ulcer drug – something new I guess. Anyway, so I am here to join you ladies in your journey to TTC!



    Canadian, I took the vitex all the time until I got a BFP. I told my doctor this and he said that was fine and should not have any affect… kinda like alcohol, not a big deal if you do it the day before a BFP just stop when the BFP happens.



    Well, hubby and I decided last night to *not be careful* so I guess we’ve officially decided to ttc again which is a pretty big step for us. I have to say, though, it reminded me alittle of the high school drama ‘do YOU want to do it?’ ‘I dunno, do you?’ ‘I asked you first…’ etc etc. Anyway, neither one us of really answered the question, but we ‘did’ if you know what I mean (wink nudge). Anyway, wish us luck and best of luck to everyone waiting on results or who is in the same boat with us.



    Red – well for us the BD’ng started right after AF finished when we first ever started trying which was back in Feb, although I had just come off the pill and never got an AF in between but wasnt yet pregnant. It still makes me wonder if the pill couldve been a cause to my m/c? Anyway, that worked and I think we did the same 8 years ago with my daughter but I think it was 2 or 3 months of trying. Im realy not sure about when I O? Im thinking its the little twinges that I feel for about 3 days in a row down in my right side below my tummy, which ive had this week and so I definatly know we BD’d the few days before that and those days which would make them the good days? Yeah ive read that its not good do BD everyday either, guess I really need to figure out how my body works then? My partner sure doesnt mind all the ‘trying’ tho hehe! Sarabeth – your situation is totally understandable with your friend! When I went throught mine I couldnt deal with others telling me their opinions as they had no idea what it was even like! I still to this day feel that part of my is missing and im desperate for that happy feeling back! I had my D&C a day before you and I got AF last week, so it took a month but like others have said, everyones body is different. I also thought I was ovulating so I got excited, but then less than a week later I got AF so my body is a bit messed up after the D&C! So as of next week im officially in the TWW:) Ive told myself that im NOT going to obsess over it, such as every little symptom ect and im not even going to let myself but any tests till round the day AF is due! Its going to be tough but this way im hoping I wont be to disappointed if this is not my month! Yay its friday!!!!!!!!!

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