Ttc after loss

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    Ooohhhh…more than one nurse in here, ready?? Cool! I work Neuroscience. I’m staff now and have been staff, agency, and traveller in the past, and have worked almost every area except mom, baby, and kiddos. What area of nursing are you in now? I could never do NICU or Peds…EVER. In school my Peds rotation was in the Pedi/Onc floor, and almost killed me. I’d like to transfer to L&D at some point in the next year, especially considering that I’m getting ready to go back to school for midwifery!



    OK so I am thinking my new sister in law thinks that she is pregnant and keeps posting myspace updates ‘I cant wait to know for sure’ ‘big news in 3 days’ I absolutely hate this chick and I am somewhat sorry to say this but I really hope they dont have another kid. She forced my brother in law to marry her by sneakily getting pregnant 5 years ago, they just got married on Tuesday. My brother in law is out of work, they just bought a house they cant afford and she already had a kid before my nephew. I will be very angry when they have another child!



    oh thank you! I hope this is it for me…fingers crossed, thank you for your baby dust and prayers =) I hope I have good news on Friday for you all!



    No worries, Sad…. I know that you all can understand my psychosis and can relate to the whole ‘what ifs’ that really are impossible… but I know that you guys get me…. I guess all I can do it wait for my dr to get back to me. Well… I am off to bed…. gonna hit the beach tomorrow!


    nikkinu1- congrats and tons of sticky baby dust to you!!…. Job interview went well. I’ll know next week. Also found out that current job is also cutting my pay by 50% in 3 weeks… on top of not geting hrs, so I hope something comes through


    RED – Take all the time you need love – we are always here when you need us. Love to you and your family xxx


    Red- yey!! you made it. SHEE- I don’t have a tiped uterus but my BFF’s is it was so bad that they told her to never try to consive b/c she would either m/c or die from complication with out surgery to fix it… there exact words I was there with her. She never had the corrective surgery and consived and carried 2 children without any problems related to that. The only thing is the could never find heartbeats with the doppler until she was 7.5/8mths. MRSW – good luck at your apt…interview went well, but don’t know if i got it yet….i have questions for you ladies…brb



    I’m sorry girls. I love you so much. And this outpouring of love and encouragement is almost overwhelming. I’m so sorry that I dragged you all on this terrible roller coaster with me. I should have left the forum during the pregnancy. I’m so sorry for making you all suffer with me. Please forgive me for my insensitivity. You mean the world to me. I’m also sorry that I just can’t respond to each of you right now. In time, I will try. But today, I am so broken, I just can’t. I can’t. DH stayed home from work today, and we are just hiding in our room. We named our baby. And I’d give anything to have him back in my tummy. The physical pain is nothing like the pain in our hearts. I’m holding tight to DH and DS; don’t fear. This darkness will pass. It may take longer this time. It feels thicker, deeper, darker. But I know that this too shall pass. I have four precious children dancing and singing in heaven. I can’t deny them their eternity of painless, tearless bliss — and someday, in a very long time, I will hold them again. I love you all.



    *Runs in and chucks buckets of super,super baby dust on everyone*
    There we go, theres bound to be a few +’s in there. How are we all? I feel fairly good, bb’skeep taking it in turns to hurt, yesterday the right one felt like it had been in a fight in the night, prob with the left one, the left one must have won!!!!! Having issues with my manager, he is aware that I am pregnant and being an ass!!! he knows whats going on and not letting me take my breaks and literally run everything on my own, while him and 3 others stand at the bk of the restaurnat and watch me, but u know what it’s fine, as my nan used to say dont get mad get even hehe. So i am, off to the dr’s tomoz for advice, then gonna make him do the risk assesment, and my cab advisor says if he doesnt do it in 2 weeks we will file a greivance. Love to u all ladies.



    Jennsorr got there in the end I hope.
    7 am just running out of door to work have a good day



    MRSW and CANADIAN and anyone else who’s done progesterone supplements– do you find that your period is heavier after a round of progesterone supplementing? just curious. I think it’s a good sign that the progesterone was making a difference, since my cycle has been longer and heavier than usual this month. do ya’ll agree that’s a good thing??


    RED — that is good to know. I don’t know about my CM. I had not ever really paid attention, but all this tracking stuff has got me worried that I should be having more than I do. I need to relax and take it all in stride. If it happens – great, but if it doesn’t – it is not in His timing yet. Of course, I want it NOW!



    I thought of that too and did an HPT about a week ago and it was a definite BFN. Which is good to know that the hormones are definitely out the system. Although couldn’t help feel a little bit sad when I saw it.


    Ready — can you call your Dr. in the UK? Put in an emergency call! If not, I would go to the ER, but it will be expensive. It may make you feel better though. Maybe you can tell them you have insurance in the UK and see if it will transfer (wishful thinking). Be careful & praying for you!


    Here’s to hoping this month works. I don’t think I can take many more months of No , no , no! It already took 2 years to get pregnant with Seth and then we had him at 17 weeks. I can’t go through 2 more years of no before I am pregnant again. Anyone else feel like that? I really want a baby, but wondering if I should give up. I hate the disappointment that comes with it and I hate the person (not happy go lucky) that it turns me into! Hope you all are having a great day!

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