TTC with a Bad Ovarian Reserve

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    Hi, there! I need some help right now… The thing is I was diagnosed with a bad ovarian reserve nearly a year ago. I tried to take some herbal medicines and do some acupuncture, but I didn’t manage to conceive. I also tried to keep to a healthier diet and work out, but again, my result was a zero one. My doc says that we should try DE IVF. It can really help me to become pregnant. Is DE IVF my only chance to conceive?



    something you might not know, alot of women suffer from similar problems and the were given the ivf route. i should know. i think you should visit BioTexCom they are the best clinic and they have had positive reviews. you might go for a second opinion. check them out



    Hi, OP! Firstly, I should say that I feel really sorry about your health issue. However, you shouldn’t give up by any means. If DE IVF is your only chance to become pregnant, you should use it. I know some ladies may think it to be a hard decision, because the baby is conceived with the help of a donor egg. However, I don’t think it will pay attention to it when you feel a baby inside you. I did a DE IVF as I couldn’t get pregnant because both of my ovaries were extracted. This was my only chance to become pregnant.



    I cant begin to imagine how are you feeling. Im not in the same situation you are even when Im also struggling to get pregnant although im only been trying for six months. Im my humbly opinion It mostly depends how much your trust your medic, if you had been working with him for quite a while and he has a good reputation I think you should follow his advice. In case is not like that I recommend you to seek a second opinion. IVF does implies some risks but is quite a nice and viable option which would allow you to conceive in case your condition doesnt allow you. I wish you all the best :3 Good luck.



    Hi, everyone. I think you shouldn’t think of DE IVF as something awful or scary. It’s only a kind of fertility treatment that may help you to conceive. Of course, it will challenge your body, but the result may be quite awesome. I was diagnosed with an early menopause in my early 30s (it was a big shock for me). We tried an IVF with my eggs, but I simply didn’t respond to the meds. My doc advised us to try DE IVF, and I managed to conceive after the first shot. I think you shouldn’t be afraid of struggling for your happiness. Good luck, hun! Xxx



    I am in a similar situation to you. Me and my husband had been in quite a hard journey in this last 3 years. I was also diagnosticated with low ovarian reserve. I recommend you to ask your doctor to realize an ovarian reserve test before trying to go for IVF. In those test they tell you how unlikely you are to become pregnant prior IVF. Depending on those results you may wanna pursue another treatments. In my case my chances were slim but not zero and so we decided to two with two IVF cycles which ended in failure…

    I feel like I have the responsibility to tell you because the failures did strike me and my husband really bad and we were quite close of having a fallout. The disappointment is quite a hard blow so I recommend you to do quite the research about it before give it a try. Nevertheless Im not telling you to give up nor anything of the sort. I havent give up nor should you, as you may know for some of us getting pregnant is quite a hard journey but I want yo belive all of it will be worth it at the end of it. When I have a small baby on my arms. But IVF is not you your only choice, you could try for an egg donor or try surrogacy.

    I wish you good luck and all the best.



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