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    Anyone do slim fast!! my baby 5 month old now wanna shift the excess!!!!!!!! Then a set plan that eat certain foods each day.. nothin someth i never eaten my life and wastin cash!! so think slim fast mite do job! iv tried ww and unislim and lost weight but wont work anymore for me!!! with unislim first time lost weight i went down to 9st 7lb was great! need some th new now!!



    im 23 weeks…. and I’ve already gained a lil over 30 lbs! Funny thing is my guy is actualy measuring a lil small….



    i gained 40 pounds with baby Blaise and now 2 months post-partum i have lost 30 pounds… working on the rest…. i weighed 120 pounds pre-pregnancy, i now weigh 130 pounds 2 months post-partum. X



    I’m 13 weeks pregnant and my doctor has advised me not to gain more than 15 lbs. Ugh! I hope I can do it. I’m doing my best to be active and eat well.



    Unless you are already carrying a lot of extra weight, your doctor needs a reality check. These days, 25-30 lbs is usually the weight gain standard, not 15! Geesh, I am very physiclaly active (former Marine SSgt) I gained almost 40 lbs, remined active throughout, and had my perfectly healthy boy eight weeks ago. I have already lost all but 5 lbs of the weight! I would have a big problem if my doc told me 15 lbs was how much I should have gained!!


    LOL i gained 52-54 lbs with my 1st, but within 3 wks I lost like 35 lbs!!! I am 10 lbs overweight and am pregnant again….I say gain enough that YOU feel appropriate and with alittle walking and healthy food everyday after the baby you will get ur figure back in due time. Enjoy being pregnant and dont worry too much about weight. 🙂



    yup, I’m week 21, and I’ve already gained 30 lbs UGGGG . Pre pregnancy is was 136, now I am 165… I can’t help it! I’m not eating crappy! Everytime i go to the doctor and they weigh me I want to cry



    im 2.5 kgs under what im ment to be 🙁



    Well, I have been a little worried lately. I am a petite framed woman and i am on my 2nd pregnancy. My starting weight was at 110 lbs (I am 5’2) tho so I am ‘normal.’ The only problem is; is that i am already showing and the scale says i have gained 5-6 lbs!!!! I am only in week 9. By the way this is going I am going to double in size. I havent been eating a ton of food so I am not sure why I am gaining so quickly? I didnt show at all with my first until i was 6 months, so this is quite a change for me. : (



    I’m almost at month 5 and I’ve already gained 18lbs, I’m quite worried but I’ll know when I go for my next apointment. I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to shed these pounds plus the extra after I give birth!



    girls, dont worry so much!! i gained 40 lb with my baby, he is 2 months old and i am really happy with how i look. i wear a bigger jeans size now, but thats cause of my hip bones, not my belly! i gained about a pound per week. i was 110 pre preg and 150 when he was born!! at his one month appt i was 127 but i dont know what i am now. im not trying to get back to 110, im happy with watever i am. i havent worked out or anything, i dont have time for that! but picking up a heavy baby all day is quite a work out in itself!



    well, i an 23 weeks pregnant i have not gained any weight, well my beginning weight was 182 then i wnet down to 174 then i gained 3 pounds and went up to 177 i am currently 177 so i weigh 5 lbs less than when i got pregnant. my first pregnancy i gained 29 pounds during my pregnancy and only about 6 of those lbs stayed on me. My ultrasound statd the baby was exactly what she was supposed to weigh.

    I dont diet I trully have no appetite i have to make myself eat., but honestly i dont want to gain more than 15-20 lbs at the most, many women think when your pregnant your supposedto eat like a pig to make the baby healthy all you need when your pregnant is 300 extra calories a day, that can be a granola bar and a cup of juice not a gallon of ice cream!!



    iam at 15 weeks and i have lost 6 pounds so far and i have not been sick yet ……well ian still brestfeeding my 7 mo. old so may be thats why


    OMG it says that Im Overweight. BUt i ONLY Weigh 135 pounds. 🙁 maybe I am



    i dont think you can go exactly by that calculation. it says im UNDERWEIGHT and dont think i am! i am 5’6′ 110 lb and i think it looks good not underwieght.

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