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    i am happy. i went to the dr. yesterday (its a GIRL) and im 20 weeks and have gained 11 pnds which is great since that puts me at 196. i am doing a lot better than i thought i would. i have more reason to keep the rest of my life healthy and my weight under control(and get my weight down after hailey gets here)



    i hope i didnt come off wrong in my previous post— of course if you are overweight and your health is in jeapordy then i can see why you may worry about your weight, but if not then i hate seeing people so down on themselves! pregnancy is a time of beauty, and yes our bodies change and it is hard but it is worth every pound. here is a great site i wanted to share. i hope that everyone goes to it and it helps you realize you arent alone in this journey and that you are beautiful!! http://www.shapeofamother.com



    I am 32 weeks and have gained 11 lbs. I weighed the same 4 weeks ago too. Is something wrong with me?



    I found a neat little calculator on another website that tells you how much you should have gained for each week and if you’ve gained too much or too little. If you want to check it out here’s the link http://www.thebabycorner.com/tools/pregnancy/calculators/weightcalculator.php



    I on the other hand am only an inch shorter than her but have a petite body type and I am very overweight at that size. Everyone is different!


    I am 32, 5’5′ and pre-preggo 130 lbs. Perfect. I’ve gained 6 lbs already and I’m 10 weeks pregnant. I am not worried. I am a VERY fit person. When I weighed 115-120lbs(at 25), I was classified as ‘underweight’. I fought very hard to put on 10 lbs and KEEP it on! 10 lbs makes a difference! I LOOK so much healthier! So every woman is different. Many things can affect your outcome! You could have wider hips….big BB’s and such! Be happy with you and don’t worry about your weight while your pregnant unless it will directly result in harming you or your baby. Oh yea…….I’ve NEVER seen my bum jiggle like this before! WOW, does 6lbs make a difference! And when did my thighs start touching???



    Well I am currently 24+5 weeks pregnant and have only gained 6 lbs. I was 132lbs before pregnancy and of normal weight. I don’t diet at all during pregnancy and eat plenty of good food so I don’t know why I haven’t gained much weight! I am a little worried but I guess there is nothing much i can do! Has anyone else not put on as much weight as they would like at their stage?



    I only gained 13-14 lbs during my entire pregnancy and i delivered at 39.5 weeks. I had a very healthy 6lb 9oz baby and lost all of the weight immediatly.



    i am 33 almost 34 weeks pregnant and have gained only 17 pounds and am going to deliver at 38 weeks by induction….. due to having to travel over the easter holiday. what do you think the chances are that i will lose all my baby weight?



    I’m 19 +5 weeks and I haven’t gained any weight. Every now and then the scale goes up a pound but the next time I weigh myself it’s back down. I think it’s a bit strange that I haven’t gained at all but after my last one I know that it mainly came on in the end. I know that I’m eating enough and I’m exercising but not enough to kill myself. If I haven’t put anything on 10 weeks from now then I’ll be really nervous!



    jlevine- ya, you will lose it all!! the baby will probly be at least 7 which leaves only 10 and when you count fluid and the placenta that doesnt really leave anything to loose except maybe a pound or two!!



    I am 32 weeks preg and have gained a total of 8 lbs for entire pregnancy so far. Well dr was concerned so much about my low weight gain that i was able to get an u/s yesterday, yeah! My baby weighs at 32 weeks 5 lbs and 4 oz’s. Needless to say we were both shocked. Especially since i havent gained much and Im not even showing big. I think the reason why I only gained 8 lbs is that I had gastric bypass surgery 4 yrs ago and not able to eat good. although i talk to other moms that had the same surgery and they have packed on the weight. well either way im glad that i have gained a whole lot and apparently its not bothering her any since she’s so big. lol. hopefully she wont get much bigger b/c i really dont want to have a BIG baby even though its in my family to have big ones.



    this will make everyone feel better!! with my first baby i went from 135-213 and within 9month i was back 2 133lbs so the weight does come off fast!! My daughter will be a year old on march 24th and im 3months pregnant this time im trying to control my eating and eat healthy i didnt like being so huge!! heehee!! ok well good luck 2 everyone!! =)



    I’m almost 6 months pregnant with #2 and I haven’t gained a pound…but then again I became preggo with #2 when my 1st was 6 months old. So I think I just have extra baby weight from the previous pregnancy. But I hope that I don’t gain a lot!



    Hey ladies, I am now 7.5 months postpartum and I have gone back to my previous weight and my muscles are getting back to their original tone..
    I just wanted to suggest to those of you who want to be sure to lose your baby weight and get your body back…you should DEFINITELY try doing Tae Bo. I dont know if you have heard of it, but I hadnt heard about it until I was 5 months postpartum and now I wish I had heard of it a long time ago! I love the workouts and I saw a difference in my body after just 2 times of the workout. Anyway, I am loving the way its affecting my morale and body…so I wanted to share!! Try it!

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