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    hi ladies anybody here can give me an advise what the fast and safe way to lose weight after birth! becouse i gain a lot huhuhuhuhuhu:-(



    Hi, domevapurple!
    You shouldn’t be chasing after weight loss. I think the really key thing about the post pregnancy program is the focus on recovery for the core muscles. Exercise is good for your health and makes you feel great, so you should do it. But I’ve never lost weight through exercise.
    Also I’d recommend you to wear a postpartum girdle, it would help you to keep your back straight. The problems with belly are usually connected to bad after-pregnancy posture.

    It will take some time to know for sure, as it still takes a while for everything to get back to normal. However if you still have wobbly skin months down the line, it will always be there. Once skin is stretched like that, it doesn’t go back in place. I had it after my twins but then again i was super big with them.

Viewing 2 posts - 196 through 197 (of 197 total)

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