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    My sister gained 80 lbs with her first pregnancy.. and she swears it was the juice… she ate healthy.. but was craving ice cold juice all the time. She lost all the weight before she got pregnant with her second (It took about a year for her).. and then she only gained 25 lbs (No juice =) ). Me on the other hand.. not drinking any juice…. but I’ve gained almost 50 lbs in 32 weeks =P.. I did quit smoking in the begining.. sooo Im gonna say that accounted for maybe.. 15 lbs? I dunno. It got me real down at first….. then I stopped careing and starting embracing….. but the past week or two things have been jiggeling a LOT more… I wouldnt be surprised if I gained 20 more lbs by the end of all this =P



    i envy you guys. I wish I was 🙁



    My weight gain has gotten out of control. I eat several SMALL meals a day and drink a lot of juice and water. I never eat out….but somehow I managed to gain 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I went from 169 to 180 in 23 weeks!! YIKES? Anyone else having pregnancy weight gain blues??? If so, what’s your story?



    I am having trouble w/ weight gain this time-usually i gain 50lbs each pregnancy so i’m not really worried about that. but i did gain 2lbs in 1 week and thats when my nurse got on my case. i did lose it, but yeah. this is my third pregnancy and i’ve looked like i’m 5+ months since I found out! but thats how it is when you’ve had a few i guess!



    Hi ladies, this is my frist pregnancy, i am 5-6 weeks pregnant and have already gained 7 lbs. I find this alot. The majority of my pants still fit although they fit very snug now. I feel that this is alot to gain. I am 5’2 and normally weigh 128lbs.



    babytimbit – Do not worry…..im now 17 weeks and have gained a total of 16 lbs!! My doc said that its ok because it is all in my belly. She said to watch and if you start gaining weight in your face, legs, arms, hands, and feet then you are gaining too much! So no need to worry if its all in your belly 🙂



    with my last pregnancy I only gained 8 pounds the entire time, this time I am going to work hard for at least 20 – maybe 30 if I eat ice cream! 😉 lol.



    I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant.
    Is anyone having problems w/gaining too much weight? I went to my appointment Friday and I gained 12lbs!!! I about freaked out. The nurse said it’s probably fluid. I don’t think I can gain that much fluid in a month. It’s all I’ve thought about. I just want to stop eating completely but I know I can’t.



    Don’t feel bad, I am in the same boat. I am 16 weeks and have already gained 17 pounds! I look 6 months pregnant. LOL I gained alot with my other 2 pregnancies also. I think some people no matter what they do gain more during pregnancy than others. I can only maintain a low weight when I am starving myself, something I never do while pregnant.



    so… i was wondering… does the baby gain too much weight depending on how much and how badly you eat? If i exercise does it affect the babys weight??



    usually weigh 153….im 33 weeks pregnant and i am now 178…that is 26 punds i have gained…BUT in the beginning of april i weiged 183…..i dont understand why im LOSING weigh///??? can stress cause this….



    I had my son seven months ago & I gained a ton of weight while I was pregnant with him. Now my stomach is all flabby & I’ve gained weight after I had him. I went from a size 3 or 5 to a size 11 (well I tried a size 11 on yesterday & theyre too small!) is it too late to try to get my stomach back flat or atleast not as big as it use to be?? What can I do to lose the weight?? Any suggestions??


    Hi, I just wanted to share with everyone that Eva-mae has started waving hello and goodbye and its sooo adorable! She is now lifting herself upto the sofa and standing up by herself, she crawls a little but is all about the standing!! I don’t know how everybody is doing regarding weight loss, it’s taken me ages to get back in my pre-pregnancy jeans!…I purchased the wii active game and have noticed a difference in body tone, its easy to fit into your day as the workouts only take 15-20mins (longer if you want). I would defo recommend it to everybody as its more fun than anything and Eva-mae loves watching mummy jumping about all over the place! I have gone from 10st 6lb to 9st 11lb in a month and am really proud of myself, my pre-pregnancy jeans are actually big on me now! YAY! Hope all you ladies are good and well xxxx



    I am hoping I can lose the weight i gained. I swore i would do better this time around…but i was a baddy! I gained 50ish which is nearly half my body weight…a lot for me!! My tummy is very jiggly adn i do not think it will ever be the way it was. I have lost about half of what I gained adn my son is 4.5 weeks old. I still have about 25 pounds to go…I hope it doesn’t take too long…I am still not eating right. I am planning to start my exercise routine when i am 6 weeks postpartum. Good luck to all of you!!! If anyone has a motivational idea…please post it on my page. Thanks!!! I need all the motivation i can get!



    It has been ten days and my weight still the same dang it! I am staying with my mom for a few weeks and think this will really help me..we’ll see how it goes. I plan to start my exercise routine tomorrow as i am 6 weeks post partum today 🙂

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