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    When am not preggy i was around 65kg but now in my 19th week 3days am weighing about 70kg. Is this ok or am over weighing



    Tipsycherry I personally think that weight is nothing! With my first I put on almost 30Kgs and with my second I put on 15kgs yet found it harder to lose afterwards! This time around im almost 14 weeks and have already put on 2kgs so hoping to keep it to an absolute minimum 🙂



    Before I got pregnant, I was barely able to stay at 100pounds. Now, at 31 weeks, I’ve gained exactly 30pounds! With 9 weeks to go, is this too much weight gain?? I’m 5ft3in. I’ve luckily been able to fit in my pre-baby clothes nicely until a few weeks ago (Thank goodness for those stretchy pants and hubby’s t-shirts!)



    Ok with my first pregnancy I started at 155 and ended at 210 now my daughter is three and iam pregnet again Iam 20 weeks almost I’ve gained 9 pounds started at 167 now 176 kind scared to gain so much wight cuz with my daughter I gaid about around 60 ish n it took me about a year in a half to loose it iam pretty tall 5’8 but still not easy doc says iam half way there only 15 more n that’s it on weight! Wish me luck



    I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I have put on 15 pounds through out my whole pregnancy. This time I have really watched myself, I eat when I’m hungry and dont starve myself but I eat until I’m full and not stuffed. With my first son I couldnt get enough food I would eat all day long and not be able to help it. I gained a lot of weight with my first one so with this one I’m trying to make sure that I dont gain too much. I’m having my c section at 38 weeks so I dont want to put on too much more weight. Good luck ladies


    Pamela it is the way some women’s bodies handle pregnancy..every one’s different. If you just eat healthy and exercise, That’s ALL you can do..you have the rest of your life to work off the weight! I gained 75 pounds with my 1st with a lot of hard work I lost it all in a year, my second I gained 35 pounds lost it all in 1 month, with this one, well I just had a baby this year well in 07 but within a year. So who knows how much I will gain..all i can do is walk and eat healthy! .women need to have more self esteem. If your self worth is determined by the number on the scale, That’s a big problem.


    I am also 18 weeks and keep going up and down with my weight. I lave lost 9 lbs due to nausea, but now I am not so nauseaus and still not gaining yet. I try to eat as much as I can, but I still don’t have a good appetite. I have never had this problem before and probably wouldn’t if I was not pregnant. Last week I thought I gained 2 lbs, but today I weighed in 2 lbs less again. I hope my baby is getting all it needs to grow. I don’t see my Dr. for 2 more weeks.



    I am 23 weeks and 4 d and have gained 8 to 9 lbs so far. I find myself forcing myself to eat. With my first I gained 28 and my second 40. I remember being hungry all the time. This one is crazy. I have had heartburn soooo bad that by dinner all I can usually stomache is cherrios or toast. I can’t believe how different this pregnancy is!



    i m 34 weeks…have gained only 19 pounds in total…my diet is gud enough..dont know then why i m not gaining weight…doctor told me that our baby will be small in size and also less in weight



    Hi all…37 weeks pregnant here and only have gained 20 pounds, but that does not mean much…baby is estimated at 7 – 7 and a half pounds right now, so something to be said about being all baby.
    Good luck all!!



    I am 29 weeks preggers with my first child and i have only gained 3 pounds. Doc says it is okay because last week baby was measuring at 2pounds 10 oz. I too just hope that i can maintain the ‘heaalthy’weight i have going on until the end. I have been eating like a pig throught the entire thing



    I am worried as I am 15 weeks and did not have much sickness yet I have not gained any weight at all, im actually 2lb less than when i started yet with my son i had gained 8lb by this stage, does anyone think its true that you gain more weight early on if you are having a boy?



    now 7-8 pounds to go 🙂



    Guys!!!!! im only 10 weeks pregnant and ive put on 5lbs already ! is this normal ? :S



    I am having severe nausea and some throwing up. I thought it was supposed to get better not worse. This did not start until 12 weeks. They thought I had gall stones but the scan was negative. They put me on Prilosec? I have a follow up today. I have lost almost 10 pounds and I am 15 weeks tomorrow. With my 20 month old, I gained only 22 pounds and I lost 19 the first week after delivery.

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