Week 19

Close up of the face and hands

The right foot, including the developing bones, are clearly visible in the middle of the screen

Your baby’s crown-to-rump length is 5.2 to 6 inches this week. Your baby weighs approximately 7 ounces and will increase its weight more than 15 times between now and birth!

Most women can feel their uterus about a half of an inch below their bellybutton at this point of pregnancy. If you turn to the side, you can really tell that your body is changing! Most women have gained up to 14 pounds now and only 7 ounces of that is your baby! The placenta weighs about 6 ounces and the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby weighs 11 ounces. Your breasts have increased in weight by 6 ounces each and the uterus has grown to 11 ounces! You may be gaining weight in places other than your abdomen and this may be affecting your posture and sleeping habits.

One of the most amazing aspects of your baby’s growth and development is that of the fetal brain. Your baby’s brain is one of the first organs to appear. Your baby’s oversized head shows the brain’s importance in his development. Because the nerves that connect the muscles to the brain have grown into place, your baby’s movements are consciously directed. Your baby’s ears stand out from the sides of the head and the buds for your baby’s permanent teeth appear. Your baby’s arms and legs have reached their relative proportions and his feet are approximately one inch long.

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  1. stacey3 07 May 2016

    19 weeks! Happy Mother's Day tomorrow, ladies! I have been feeling my little one move quite a bit these last couple of days. It is such a sweet feeling, and one I wish I could bottle up so I could feel it forever! I am really going to miss being pregnant. This is, sadly, my last baby...I'm so happy that I was able to have three and now, my fourth. I go in for my gender scan on the 19th. It is going to be hard to ask them to write the baby's gender down and stick it in an envelope for a gender reveal party the second weekend in June. I have not had a gender reveal party for any of my other babies, so this is going to be fun! My awesome cousin is making all of the arrangements and planning the whole thing. She said to me that I am not allowed to do anything for this party, except clean my house since the party will be here. I am not allowed to make any food, decorate or anything! She won't even let me know the theme of the party until the party starts because they have planned something, where I'm not home the morning before the party so that they can all come and decorate! I am so not used to this, I am a planner and a doer...I don't know how I'm going to let them do all of this without begging for details! I am going to be so anxious! This day is going to be full of surprises! I can't wait, I don't want to wait!

  2. stacey3 08 May 2016

    Why am I the only person commenting on here? This is crazy! Last pregnancy, I made some amazing friends on this site. What's going on?

  3. mumof3tobe4 08 May 2016

    Stacey this new set up is strange not really used it yet my scans on 19 th too any guess at what gender u think it having

  4. stacey3 11 May 2016

    This goofy thing won't let me reply to you, mumof3...I am thinking girl because we have 3 girls. Nothing with this pregnancy seems any different from the other ones. I am craving carbs so bad! How are you doing? Any idea of what you will have?

    • mumof3tobe4 13 May 2016

      I found many with 3 of same sex goes onto having opposite sex I have 1 girl then 2 boys if this works how I think it will it will be girl I'd rather have a boy as eldest is 11 12 when baby is here as wouldn't want to share a bedroom but I find boys easier too lol but either is fine

  5. brandiebug143 03 November 2016

    New to this site, well I was on it with my 3rd (last pregnancy) which was a whopping 8.5 years ago, starting all over again and super excited!! 🤗🤗

  6. shimmer767 28 October 2019

    Hi All - used this site years ago actually11 years ago now, im almost at 19 weeks with a little girl have 2 older boys so over the moon. hope all you lady are doing ok :) x

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