Week 23

This week your baby’s length, from crown-to-rump, is approximately 8 inches! Your growing baby has finally reached one pound. Your baby is about the size of a small baby doll and looks very human. The baby’s face and body look similar to that of a newborn at this time. Your uterus can be found about 1.5 inches above your navel. Your total weight gain should be approximately 15 pounds at this time.

You might notice some Braxton-Hicks contractions around this time. These contractions are not regular and they should not be painful. Braxton-Hicks contractions prepare your body for the upcoming labor and they will get stronger as your pregnancy progresses. You might be able to feel the contractions if you put your hand on your abdomen and your baby can probably feel the uterus gripping and massaging her. It will not harm your baby, so there is no need for concern.

Fat is still being deposited at a rapid rate, but your baby still looks red and wrinkled. Skin is being produced at a higher rate than the fat is, so the skin hangs loosely. Your baby looks red because the skin is losing its transparency and pigment is beginning to form. You should be feeling your baby moving quite a bit throughout the day as she will kick and punch the uterus walls. Babies also run their hands along the umbilical cord and touch their body parts while they are in the womb. Your baby now can suck her thumb for real, where she was just sticking it in her mouth. Your baby will continue to swallow amniotic fluid and recycle it as urine. The liquids and sugars that the baby retracts from the fluid is a supplement to the nutrients that the placenta delivers. You might be able to feel small `jumps` inside of you when your baby gets the hiccups from swallowing fluid. The pancreas is developing and it will responsible for insulin production, to help break down sugars.

Oily fish in your diet could help boost your baby’s health. (Women who eat oily fish while pregnant have children with better visual development, a major study at Bristol University suggests.)

As the baby continues to grow, it has less space to move around in the uterus. Bones, muscles and organs are growing steadily.

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  1. MumtoG 15 February 2015

    Kerjer happy for you. do you have any other baby or its the first one? I am so closing fingers for a baby girl since i already have a son but what matters most is a healthy baby.

  2. MumtoG 15 February 2015

    Rileymom21 i can see we share the edd. How do you feel I compare notes lol

  3. Rileysmom21 16 February 2015

    Hey mum to G, Ugg ok, lol I feel a little whooped up to be honest hahhaha I definitely notice a difference this pregnancy being older! My pubic bones are the worst when I stand or try to lift a leg that pain down there is awful! Also I feel uncomfortable and large hahhah But! On a positive note I feel lots of nice kicks which make me so happy So how about you? How do you feel?

  4. stacey3 06 June 2016

    My family surprised me with the gender reveal party yesterday! My cousin picked me up and brought me to an hour long pregnancy massage and then we went and got pedicures! After, we were supposed to pick up her twin boys from their grandpa and she ended up going to a park in that town, where my family and friends were waiting to surprise me! I was shocked! I teared up a bit after gently slapping her for letting me go without a bra!!! Lol! Then, my husband pulled out his bow and target. My sister in law fastened a black balloon filled with feathers to the target. My husband shot, the balloon popped, and feathers floated out.....they were BLUE!!! We are having a baby BOY! I was and still am completely shocked! After 3 girls, I am getting a little boy! I am truely blessed!

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