Week 30

You may feel as if you have been pregnant forever at this point. It might be hard to imagine being pregnant for another ten weeks, but your baby still has a lot of growing and developing to do! By this time, your baby’s crown-to-rump length is a little over 10.8 inches and the total length of your baby is about 17 inches! Your baby weighs about 3 pounds now. Your uterus can be felt about 4 inches above your bellybutton. Your uterus, baby, placenta and the amount of fluid will get larger over the next ten weeks. You should be gaining about a pound a week at this time.

Because you are getting larger, you are probably becoming slower and clumsier. You should try to be careful to avoid dangerous falls. Good posture when sitting and standing can help you feel better during your pregnancy. You also should be rolling over on your side to get up after lying down because your muscles have stretched to accommodate your growing uterus.

Even though your baby is cushioned by the amniotic fluid, she can feel and respond to pain. Your baby now does `practice breathing` to get ready for life outside of your womb. If you have an ultrasound at this time, you will be able to see this. If your baby swallows amniotic fluid down the wrong passage, she will still get hiccups that are noticeable by you. If your baby were born at this time, she would be able to keep herself warm.

The skin begins to smoothen as fat deposits accumulate underneath. The fat insulates and is an energy source.

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  1. ckaySA 10 February 2015

    Hey everyone!! How's everybody doing? Been so quiet here???? Anyhoo...can't believe it's 30 weeks already...my next appointment at clinic is 24th Feb when I'm 32 weeks afterwhich I will have my following appointments at the hospital because i'm high risk (only because my first was a c/sec)...though I'm not HUGE...the waddle is becoming more evident lol...and exhaustion hits me like a truck!!...rest well ladies...not long now!

  2. Funtimemum80 24 February 2015

    Hello week 30, although soon to be week 31! Strangely feeling more energetic this week, I won't jinx it, it's much needed! How is everyone doing? It's always so quiet on here.......

  3. mumof3tobe4 21 July 2016

    And now at 30 weeks 10 weeks to go hopefully wel get close to 40 weeks of not close as possible these Braxton hicks r a little painful this time never really had them with 1 or 2 slightly worse with 3rd but these r horrid keeps me very anxious anyway

  4. stacey3 22 July 2016

    30 weeks today! Had my ob appt... midwife checked and baby is head down! He kicks so hard sometimes! My pelvis is starting to stretch open. That is painful. I have been doing some stretching and squatting to hopefully help keep the pain at a minimum. The baby's heart rate is good, and my blood pressure is good as well. The Midwife said she isn't very concerned about the braxton hicks contractions that I am having. She said they get worse with every pregnancy. She did tell me that if I have 6 in one hour, I have to call and come in. So far the most I have had in one hour is 3. They are not very consistent. They are painful though. Very strong and last long. I don't remember them being painful with the other pregnancies. My husband keeps telling me that he thinks this baby is coming early. I really hope he is so wrong. I do not want the baby to come early at all. I have so much to work on...so much to do to get ready for this baby. Where is my motivation? Aren't I supposed to be nesting? I don't feel like nesting at all. When is that supposed to kick in? I have so much to do and no desire to do any of it!

  5. mumof3tobe4 22 July 2016

    I don't need my baby y to come so early I've only got pram today for her and some sleep suits and body suits I don't have anything else I don't even have a bag sorted for my self I actually packed the day my waters broke with my 3rd so gonna have to get a little organised ...my Braxton hicks was just in my pelvic area more like tightening wasn't painful didn't get stronger but was every 5-10 mins for about 2 hours I live an hour away from hospital and couldn't get there so would of had to relay on ambulance or taxi if they got more painful I'd of definitely gone in thou my baby is long lying head down so anything could happen from now onwards

  6. stacey3 23 July 2016

    Let me know when you get your bag packed...maybe you will beat me on that. I have been putting that off... I have gone to a bunch of thrift sales and purchased a bunch of clothes. Since I have 3 girls, I only have girl clothes. I had to start over with all the small stuff. I took the girls shopping at Carters and purchased a cute stuffed fawn and a little stuffed hippo attached to the little blanket. We picked out some cute shoes, and some outfits/sleepers, but I cannot buy everything new. I am way too practical for that. Babies only wear the clothes for such a short time, if you can find used in good condition for a good price, it is way more worth it to buy second hand. Anyway, I need to wash everything still. I have 3 laundry baskets full of boy clothes, sheets, burp rags, & bibs...I need it washed and organized so I know what I have and can pack my bag. I know it sounds easy to just wash a few baskets of clothes...procrastinating is my downfall now. I also live an hour away from the hospital that I am having my baby at, so I am hoping for no complications. I'm so excited to hold my baby, but do not want him to come early. I love that I get to hold him in my belly and feel him moving and growing.

  7. mumof3tobe4 23 July 2016

    Ul proberly get organized before me I'm terrible at bag packing but with last 2 my husband would of brought things with him to the hospital if I needed them this time he's most proberly not gonna be there having no one to look after the other kiddies just hoping I don't have a long stay I only brought new for my 1st my 3rd who's 2 I having actually bought anything new for him for over a year clothes wise was given lots of clothes so not needed to though I do get the urge time to time as I feel quite tight not to as my eldest is the only girl and 11 I have nothing girly so having to buy some new bits

  8. stacey3 24 July 2016

    It's so great that you are having a girl now! I have to walk past the girl clothes in the stores now and It actually makes me sad! There are such nice girly things compared to boy things! It is hard to find cute boy clothes. I was looking for sleepers and was only finding a bunch of sports ones or monster ones. What happened to animals? I don't want my baby to wear stuff that says "little monster" on it! And "future linebacker" what if he doesn't want to play sports like football when he is older? Maybe I am too picky. I guess it's kind of a good thing since it saves me money. Your daughter must be so happy she gets a sister! She is going to be such a big help with this little girl!

  9. mumof3tobe4 25 July 2016

    I like boy animal clothes i tend to go for plain casual wear for my boys middle likes his sports wear though

  10. stacey3 26 July 2016

    I've been looking for animal clothes for my boy...I like those a lot better than all the super hero stuff and sports stuff. I've gotten a lot of jeans and pants from rummaging. I have had lots of luck with that. I wish I would have known what baby was before summer so I could get winter clearance for him! Oh, well...We will make it. My cousin had a boy last year in October and let me go through all of that. I got a lot from her that will be for the right seasons. We live in a place that gets all 4 seasons. Including very cold winters. How are the shots going? Do you feel like you are going to go early? I have a wedding to go to next month, and it is a 7 hour drive. It is 5 weeks from my due date, so I am nervous about that. I am going to have the dr check me and give me the ok to go. If she says no, I will only be a little sad. It is a long ride and I will be so uncomfortable. I'm still putting off doing the baby room and packing my bags. I'm so not ready for baby to come in 9 weeks or any less. I've been tired again and am having a lot of trouble sleeping at night. It is hard to stay comfortable for long. My hips are spreading and the pain is pretty bad. Tylenol seems to do nothing for that. I'm whining, I know. Soon it will all be over, and I will be sad that I will never be doing this again. Funny how holding my little baby in my arms makes all the aches and pains of pregnancy, labor, delivery and after, totally worth doing it again and again! How are you doing? How are your pains? Hips? Groin?

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