Week 33

Your baby weighs about 4.4 pounds at this point. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is approximately 12 inches and the total length is around 19.4 inches. Measuring from the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is 5.2 inches. Total weight gain at this point of pregnancy is usually 22 to 28 pounds.

With the exception of crying, your baby is capable of doing everything that a newborn baby will do. Your baby is restricted now inside of the uterus, but still can kick and move. Your baby sleeps a lot of the time, just as newborn babies do. Your baby’s eyes move in the manner of REM sleep and researchers believe that babies can dream vividly in uterus. When your baby is awake, she is listening, feeling and learning. There are billions of neurons in the brain that make trillions of connections. Your baby will probably have settled into the birth position by now and your caregiver can most likely tell which way your baby is presenting. If your baby were to be born now, the lungs would probably be strong enough to function properly, but your baby may still need extra care from specially trained doctors and nurses.

During these last few weeks of pregnancy, most women experience an increased urge to urinate. The uterus puts a lot of pressure on the bladder and can send you to the restroom frequently. Your uterus has actually grown 500 times throughout your pregnancy! Red blood cell production catches up with the production of plasma and physiological anemia may begin to fade at this time.

Your baby’s eyes open during alert times and close during sleep. The eye color is usually blue, regardless of the permanent color as pigmentation is not fully developed. The final formation of eye pigmentation requires exposure to light and usually happens a few weeks after birth.

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  1. Aussiemumma86 08 March 2015

    so shouldnt of had tomatoes on toast for dinner i have the worst heart burn. hows everyones pregnancies going mines gping ok. have gd this time got told ill be getting induced around 38/39 weeks. bubs was messuring 5lbs 1oz at 31 weeks and belly measurements were off the chart. not long to go and i still have a pile of stuff to get. when does everyone pack their hospital bag for them selves?

  2. mumof3tobe4 11 August 2016

    And 7 weeks to go ..had my blood flow checked today and was fine guess I'm just having a small baby again at least I should get away without being induced and able to go as long as possible

  3. stacey3 15 August 2016

    That's so great that your blood work is good! Almost 34 weeks! How have your braxton hicks contractions been? I have been having pretty consistent contractions tonight. It's worrying me a little...I hope I don't end up having to go in.

  4. mumof3tobe4 15 August 2016

    I'm the same there on and off so much pressure down below think baby is back to back so gonna cause more pain and pressure I'm hoping baby will turn abit to ease pressure being an hour away from hospital isn't looking so great right now

  5. stacey3 15 August 2016

    Do your labors go fast? I live an hour from my hospital too. I have been induced for every pregnancy so far, so I really don't know what to expect. My last, I went into labor on my own, but was not progressing so they went ahead and induced. It only took 2 and a half hours from the time of induction til I was holding her. I'm nervous because we have a wedding 7 hours away this weekend. We are planning on going, but I am going to be on edge the whole time if I'm still contracting. I have been seriously considering skipping it. As the weekend comes closer, I may decide to just stay home.

  6. mumof3tobe4 16 August 2016

    Yea my first was induced 2 hours 46 min labour 2nd was 36 mins but actually only in labour for 9 mins I went from 2cm-10cm in seconds but as I had a stretch and sweep I knew I was in labour and 3rd my waters broke 11 hours before and due to being 36+5 had to go into hospital so was in hospital had a 15 min labour

  7. stacey3 16 August 2016

    Wow! Well, I had my check up today. My midwife said there is nothing to worry about with the contractions. Add long as they are not consistently 10 minutes apart, I'm good. She said I need to come in when they are 10 minutes apart and don't stop with a change in activity. I guess it's an all clear to go on this road trip. Yay! I'm looking forward to getting home and just relaxing until this baby comes. I don't want him to come any earlier than 38 weeks. I'm so excited to hold him in my arms though.

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