Week 6

When talking about the size of a developing baby, most healthcare providers will discuss the size in terms of `crown-to-rump` length. Crown-to-rump length simply means the distance from the top of the babys head to its buttocks. Because the babys legs are usually bent or tucked inwards, crown-to-heel length is hard to determine. By the sixth week of pregnancy, your developing baby is 2 to 4 mm long. You may have even gained a few pounds at this point. However, if you have been nauseated or not eating well you might have lost weight.

You have actually been pregnant for an entire month now! More than likely, you have noticed some changes within your body and you might also notice that your clothes are fitting slightly tighter around the waist. Some women also gain pregnancy weight in their legs, face and breasts. It is not uncommon to experience heartburn or constipation at this time either. Symptoms are usually not severe at this time. If you were to have a pelvic exam at this point of your pregnancy, your doctor would be able to feel your uterus and would notice some changes in its size. Although you will not be able to hear your babys heartbeat with a Doppler yet, you might be able to see it beating if you have an ultrasound at this time.

From week 6 to week 10 of your pregnancy, you will be in the embryonic period. This is a very important time of development for your baby and the embryo is most susceptible to experience developmental interferences and birth defects at this time. Although the embryo is still very small, it is growing and developing rapidly. Your babys early brain chambers are forming and the eyes are also beginning to form. Buds will appear and will develop into arms and legs in later weeks.

Many pregnant women will have their first prenatal appointment around this time. Generally, the first appointment is the longest and your doctor will gather a health history of you, the father and your families. You should ask questions and get to know your healthcare provider well. Your doctor will probably ask about any prior medical problems, your pregnancy and birth history and other gynecological concerns. You should tell your caregiver about any prior miscarriages, stillbirths or abortions that you have had. You should also tell your doctor about any medications that you take or allergies that you have. Your doctor will give you a pelvic exam and a Pap smear. During a pelvic exam, your doctor will be able to determine if your uterus is the appropriate size. A breast exam will also be performed. Lab tests may also be done at this prenatal visit. Some doctors will also perform early ultrasounds during the first prenatal appointment to date the pregnancy, confirm the pregnancy or check for abnormalities.

The heart is starting to develop at this time. The fetus` blood group may be different from your own!

Facial features are visible, including a mouth and tongue. The eyes have a retina and lens.

The digestive system starts forming, beginning with the first cells of the stomach and the intestine.

There are small indentations in the head, ready for the development of facial features, eyes, and ears. The outline of the jaw starts to form.

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  1. stacey3 10 February 2015

    Hopefully I'm not going to be alone on here this time around...I'm back. Expecting baby #4. Total surprise, but I will embrace it. I have been having an achy feeling in my abdomen on the left side. It goes around to my lower back. I'm not sure what that means, but I don't have my first ob appt til feb. 24. I hope everything is ok. I didn't have this feeling with any of the other pregnancies.

  2. stacey3 11 February 2015

    Looks like I'm going to be lonely for a while...lol! Well, I have a horrible head cold. Since I'm in my first trimester, I can't take anything for it. Miserable! At least I could comment on here that I am pregnant. I won't tell my kids or family that I am expecting until I cross over to my second trimester, since I've had 2 miscarriages in the past. This is like my little secret. My husband is nervous that we are having another girl. We have 3 girls already. This baby is most likely a girl as well. I really do not care either way. Lol!

  3. stacey3 12 February 2015

    Wow, I've checked out the weeks 7, 8, and 9 and they are really quiet too. I guess I will just post for my own ammusement. Lol.

  4. stacey3 16 February 2015

    Hi bgscooby...I haven't been on here since my last comment because of how quiet it is. I'm doing good. I'm dying to tell my girls about this pregnancy. I think that is the hardest part. I'm so tired! How far along are you?

  5. donna07 04 March 2015

    Hi Girls, Used this site with my previous two so thought id come back on now im expecting again. Seems to be a lot quieter than i remember thou.

  6. beckydv 08 March 2015

    Hello girls ! I've been keeping up with this site but I decided to sign up today!!

  7. angelfree77 27 July 2016

    I am in an ongoing cycle of deja vu! I just gave birth to my son on 3/12/16 and I am pregnant again with a due date of 3/17/17!! Got a BFP on Monday!

  8. soutterlouise 30 July 2016

    hi i am here i found out i was pregnant on the 2nd of july an had a scan last week friday 26th july an i am 5 weeks had various cramping pains an i have to go back for a scan on friday 5th august hoping everything will be okay.. this is my 4th baby an very unplanned but we are both happy about it now..

  9. emefa 15 October 2016

    I had my girl 2015 April through Cs.am back again with another pregnancy 6weeks.feeling symptoms already.my Cs was due to big baby.hoping to have this one naturally still breastfeeding the girl

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